We have a “fixed price” policy so you know up front how much you will have to pay for the recovery of your data. It doesn’t matter what exactly the problem with your storage medium is such as if it requires a “clean room treatment”. It doesn’t matter how much data you have on the storage medium, the only factor that matters is how much data you need recovered. You can specify what exactly you need recovered on the Evaluation form (mostly names of folders or types of files). If you are not sure about the contents of your storage medium we will discuss this during the recovery process.

We have a very simple and straightforward price policy for HDD’s/SSD’s:
Recovery of max. 5GB of data costs 250 euro (e.g. mostly documents and some photo’s).
Recovery of max. 100GB of data costs 300 euro.
Recovery of max. 300GB of data costs 350 euro.
Recovery of max. 1000GB of data costs 400 euro.
If you need recovery of more than 1000GB of data you need to contact us, you will get a quote.

Recovery of all data from a USB stick costs 200 euro.

All prices mentioned above are applicable to non-urgent jobs, recovery within 2-3 weeks upon receipt of your package in our service point in Woerden. Urgent recovery jobs are completed within 2-4 working days and cost 150 euro more.

We have some surcharges which might be applicable in more specific cases:

Recovery of encrypted data costs 200 euro more.
If your hard drive has been opened before we will charge you additionally 50 euro up front related to extra work we need to do in order to access and recover your data.
It could happen that you have a rare model hard drive for which we have no spare parts in our stock. In such cases we might need to order those spare parts needed. We will let you know how much this costs, in most cases it is about 50 euro, depending on the model of your drive.

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